EduCo Accelerate launches in the UK

Feb 10, 2022 1:08:00 AM

EduCo Accelerate further expands its global network of top-tier institutions as it officially launches in the United Kingdom, one of the world’s leading study destinations. 

The United Kingdom offers globally recognised world-class education with fantastic career options for international students from all around the world. Home to centuries-old universities, the UK has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence, comprising 16% of the world’s top 100 universities (QS rankings 2022).

Aside from its esteemed rankings, the UK provides more than high-quality education for its students. It also gives excellent value for money with the help of its institutions’ shorter degrees, where students typically finish a bachelor’s degree in three years and a master’s degree for an additional one year. Additionally, the UK allows students to apply to stay in the country for two years (three for PhD students) after graduation, opening a plethora of opportunities to graduates who want to jumpstart their careers in the country.

To guarantee the success of its partnerships, EduCo Accelerate recently welcomed its new Director of Business Development for UK and Europe, Gareth Topp, former Head of Internationalisation at the University of Brighton with 15 years of experience in UK international education. Topp’s breadth and depth of experience in the sector will enable Accelerate to support UK institutions with their recruitment, conversion and retention goals.

The expansion of Accelerate’s services to the UK means that more students from all over the world can find the right institutions and courses that most closely match their needs, therefore providing them with the greatest chance of academic success. “We’re looking to put together a really well-balanced selection of partner universities across the UK and Europe. The first UK partners will go live in January, and we expect a good number more to follow over the coming months.  We’ve got a good footprint in several European countries already and we’ll be looking to expand that further too,” Topp said.

According to Topp, his plan for the next few years includes, first and foremost, getting the first UK partners up and running, supporting their recruitment goals for September 2022 and beyond and developing Accelerate’s network of partners across the UK and Europe.

“I’ll also be working closely over the coming years with universities across the UK and Europe to explore and understand the challenges they’re facing, the opportunities they seek to capitalise upon and how Accelerate can support them in achieving their goals,” Topp added.

“No two partners are the same, but with the depth of experience and global reach of the EduCo team, we can meet a whole range of partner needs and capitalise upon opportunities wherever the partner may see them.”

EduCo Accelerate continues to pursue its goal to expand its network of institutions so that it can offer more higher education opportunities to international students no matter where they come from. The UK is a perfect study destination, not only because of the competitive quality of education it offers but also because of its vibrant, diverse and multicultural society.

Accelerate launches in the UK with three partnerships in: the University for the Creative Arts (Canterbury, Farnham and Epsom campuses), the University of Dundee and the University of Roehampton.

To learn more about our partner institutions in the UK and their intakes, entry requirements, fees
and others, agents can log on to Accelerate or email Students interested in studying in one of our UK universities can contact their local EduCo representative or send EduCo a message here.