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A diverse international student mix is just the tip of the iceberg. The true measure of success is your student outcomes. Our experience with operating our own campuses means we understand that the right-fit between students and programs and between students and universities are essential components that impact student success. And with historical data powering machine learning algorithms, Accelerate’s proprietary Course Match and Course Advisor functions provide deep insights that predict more than just a student’s chance at university acceptance. Accelerate puts to work real-world data sets to model a student’s successful journey from enrolment to graduation, giving you the ability to connect with students who are the right-fit for your campus.

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Trusted by leaders and innovators

Our university network covers the most sought after international student destinations including the USA, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

We partner with the world’s leading international student recruitment organisations in over 90 countries who are supported by our in-market staff.

News & Events
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New South Wales welcomes back returning international students

The governments of Australia and New South Wales have approved a major student return pilot that will allow a maximum of 250 international students, every fortnight, to safely return to New South Wales to continue their studies.

10/14/21 9:48 AM Read more
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Meet our first Accelerate partner from Germany and over 20 new campuses

Students have new study opportunities in Australia, Canada, the USA and, now, Germany!

10/20/21 5:51 AM Read more
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Fully vaccinated students can now travel to the USA

Beginning in early November, fully vaccinated travellers will be able to enter the USA.

10/12/21 5:55 AM Read more
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University of New Mexico: Virtual Information Session

University of New Mexico: Virtual Information Session

27 October 2021

3:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time

Register here.

10/5/21 8:02 AM Read more

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